The WHAM Team

comprised of a dedicated team of native gamers, entertainment, media and advertising professionals

Gary Kleinman, CEO/Founder

A leader in the fast-moving interplay of digital content, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, AEG Sports, Warner Bros Television, Warner Music Group, Universal Music, & WPP/GroupM, among others.

Brad Mooberry, Chief Creative Officer

Founder and CEO of award-winning agency • visionary marketing campaigns for Amblin Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Pepsi, Hilton Hotels, Columbia/TriStar Pictures, 20th Century Fox.

Anthony Iacono, Chief Technology Officer

A top independent software developer and consultant passionately involved in the Gaming world • clients include Nike, Google, Apple, Wolfgang Puck, Wells Fargo, and many more.

Dave Winding, VP Strategic Partnerships & Brand Integration

Gaming and media executive with 25 years industry experience, primarily as founder and CEO of Dimension Publishing and as Sony Computer Entertainment's Director of PlayStation Platform Advertising—where he was charged with the inception and executive management of the business unit, building it from its foundations to a well-respected marketplace leader. A lifelong, passionate Gen 1 gamer, he has contributed to the development and strategic marketing of numerous games and interactive applications and has written and published dozens of books and periodicals covering the Gaming industry.

Norman Kolpas, EVP Editorial & Content Elevation

Electronic and print media creative specialist, writer, editor, and producer. Top branded media experience including Wolfgang Puck, Mayo Clinic, Williams-Sonoma, American Medical Association, 3M,, Braille Institute, Kellogg, and Starbucks. Award-winning instructor in The Writers’ Program, UCLA.